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The farm, tradition and modernity

Owned by Baron Bettino Ricasoli, the wine of Fattoria Terranuova is still inspired by the sacred blend he invented, in the tradition and in the modernity of a unique and fresh taste.
The property passed to Canevaro Ghelli in 1942 on the occasion of the marriage of the Marchesa Canevaro.
In 1956, the contemporary history of the farm is triggered with the entry of Renato Trippi (Sor Renato) into the company with the role of Sub-factor. In 1960 Sor Renato became Fattore and the Farm dedicated itself especially to the production of wine and to the breeding of pigs and cattle. In 1962 important transformations took place in the vineyards with the end of sharecropping. Fattoria Terranuova becomes a pulsating center of Chianti. Dr.Varini Dino, in the seventies, widens the vines to 60 hectar and with Sor Renato shines the breeding and selection of Chianine expanding to 200 items. In 1987, Trippi bought part of the land and from the dress to the first bottle of Chianti in 1991.

It is during one of the first harvests of Sor Renato, that Giovanna Ghezzi and Marco Arnetoli, the current owners, know each other. Marco, after school, accepts work on the farm and, in the vineyards, falling in love with Giovanna. An indissoluble bond that still holds these lands. Giovanna, leaving her job in Confagricoltura, accepts the invitation of uncle, alias Sor Renato, to enter the company. A decisive step, because it is Giovanna who decided to increase the part of production dedicated to bottling, focusing on the innate quality of the range and establishing the Chianti Riserva.

In 2015 Giovanna and Marco acquired, with a renewed society but with great continuity with the past, the farm.

Giovanna Ghezzi e Marco Arnetoli

The Farm and Valdarno

The farm has always been a meeting place for locals. The Terranuovesi are welcoming people, in the spirit of the Valdarno, quiet and which cares a lot about their traditions. Already in the sixties the farm was a point of reference and a place of aggregation and mutual aid among the inhabitants. The desire to open up to others, has always distinguished our spirit in the cornerstones of affectivity towards our people and the original recipe of Baron Ricasoli: Chianti is Sangiovese, Canaiolo, Malvasia and Trebbiano.

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“The Wine speaks, it is alive, it transmits you sentences in its language, that of passion.”

Giovanna Ghezzi

“For us, wine is sharing, a burning hearth, a romantic gesture.”

Marco Arnetoli e Giovanna Ghezzi

“Wine for me is an unknown world to be unveiled. It is an emotion to work it and taste it.”

Giovanna Ghezzi

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